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The LegacyXChange

our Story

As with any sports, to become successful there is blood, sweat and tears; here's our story.

In 2011 a small group of entrepreneurs traveled from across America to Boca Raton, FL to discuss how to connect sports fans with the highest quality professional apparel at a fair cost. Like any business venture mistakes were made, money was lost and partners were not what they seemed. Collectively, investors put together close to a million dollars and we were off and running or we so thought.

Did I say "running" more like a slow walk.

After not making any traction, Investors were convinced that we needed to take The LegacyXChange (LEGX) to a publicly traded company, that might be the way to make headway against the "industry giants" I can't legally say who, but I'm sure you could guess.  ;) 

This was when we realized that LEGX wasn't actually making good plays but being squeezed like a bad play in a football. Turns out the only thing legitimate about our exciting new venture was we were actually a legal company and publicly traded.

Without naming names

Like with any villain, we should never speak their name aloud. 

After needless lawsuits and arguments it soon became apparent that the "villain" wasn't investing our money in our vision but living the high life. We can't say for certain, but would guess that the villain is still out there hiding in the shadows, waiting on their next victim. Investors beware

Finding the right group of guys

All fun aside, we were a group of guys that were trying to make a couple bucks doing something we felt passionate about, sports. Sometimes a business idea is like taking a line drive to the chest. There's nothing you can do but shake it off and try to throw the runner out. We know with good people behind The LegacyXChange and valued customers, we can win.

We know we can't compete on cost with the corporate chains, but we do offer quality products, great customer service and a one of a kind buyer experience. Oh, and we're glad you are here! Making a new purchase on a sports jersey or one of a kind piece of memorabilia is an important decision. That's why we only sell the highest quality products and memorabilia available. Our autographed treasures come with new age technology. When our products are autographed at signings we try and have the athlete use our patented pen with advanced technologies using trace elements we embed a unique authentication foot print into the ink.  When the autograph is scanned through a special device, it will show that it is an authentic piece of merchandise signed by your favorite player; giving you piece of mind. Learn more about the technology here >

Wait a second... The top of the page says Metaverse. What's that?

Technology is moving faster than a Nolan Ryan fast ball, but we're like Mark McGwire at the plate; ready to hit a home run. People all over the world are spending more time in virtual reality worlds. Professional sports franchises are even building stadiums in this new reality. Soon sports fans will be able to put on a VR headset and watch a game across the world from the comfort of their living room. Sounds weird huh? We thought the same thing when we first heard about it. Now, don't get us wrong, we still plan to have our online store and definitely continue to go to live games in person. The new Virtual Reality LegacyXChange store will simply be a place to shop for merchandise or dress up your avatar in professional sports apparel while exploring the depths of the Metaverse. 

So whether you are a in stadium sports nut like us or a VR futuristic fan, The LegacyXChange has a first class experience when it comes to buying sports jerseys or memorabilia for your favorite teams. Please give us a try, support small business and buy from today.

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