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About our Company

The LegacyXChange, LLC owns, a soon-to-be launched site for the trading of collectibles and memorabilia across numerous product categories. Following secure chain of custody protocols that guarantee authenticity from origination, and utilizing unique proprietary imbedded authentication foot print in the ink, that cannot be counterfeited, our Original collectibles will be permanently marked with The LegacyXChange embed foot print, which can only be verified through our patented analysis. The world's leading company in home asset and consumer product marking technology has created the Legacy embed Mark exclusively for our site.

Our goal is to provide the ongoing ability to guarantee authenticity of items with 100% surety. We will track ownership for all Original items, and only LegacyXChange can verify authenticity. We are working with athletes and celebrities as they create high valued new collectibles, items that will differentiate from those already in the marketplace. The site will also allow non-"Marked" third party collectible items to be listed and sold. However, any third party items, which claim to have authentic signatures, will have to provide documentation of authenticity from a LegacyXChange approved expert authentication company. The site will offer sellers multiple opportunities to advertise and promote the sale of items. The User experience will be enhanced with direct to seller communication and videos.

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